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We do everything from irrigation systems to creative water features, including ponds, fountains, and waterfalls.


Increase the sensory enjoyment of your garden with the soothing sound and movement of water. A garden pond will provide that special focal point for your patio that will transport you to a zone of tranquility. 

  • Natural: Our ponds are custom designed to look so natural you'd believe they were an original part of the landscape.
  • Cleaning and Filtration Systems: We use technologies that are similar to swimming pool systems to ensure water clarity.
  • Water plants complete the effect and maintain the balance of your new ecosystem. These also provide a natural habitat for your gold fish or coy.
  • Add underwater lighting and you can enjoy the dramatic effect on your pond into the evening and provide the ultimate conversation piece for your evening outdoor entertainment.


Create a place where you can truly relax with a waterfall. Waterfalls are perfect additions to a natural garden, backyard retreat, or flower bed. Use your own design or let us create a waterfall that complements and enhances your property.


Increase the sensory enjoyment provided by your garden with the soothing sound and movement of water. Fountains can provide the ideal solution were space is limited and an architectural feature would enhance the landscape setting. Regardless of the type of fountain you choose, you will be rewarded with years of enjoyment, from the sight and sound of moving water.

  • Cascade: A cascade fountain has a basin at its based for the collection of water. The recirculating pump is located in the pedestal of the fountain unit. Water is routed from the pump up the center of the unit through tubing to the first cascade, were it spills over to each succeeding level, providing the various melodies of moving water depending on the fountain structure.
  • Jet: Like the cascade fountain, water is collected in a large basin or pool. The recirculating pump is located in an underground vault off to the side of the basin where it is piped back into individual nozzles that jet a stream of water into the air.

Irrigation Systems

Tired of dragging hoses? Let us install an automatic irrigation system for you.

  • Save Water and Money: Automatic irrigation saves money and water at the same time. Each head is calibrated to release a certain amount of water. With our sophisticated controllers, we can put down exactly the amount of water required in each area of the landscape.
  • Automatic scheduling: We can do it on any schedule that meets local requirements, including odd/even days, or specific days of the week. We even have sensors that automatically turn the system off in the event of sufficient rain!
  • Environmentally conscious: Don't leave your hose running all night. Choose a water-wise irrigation system.
  • Designed to last: We use only the the best quality equipment and parts from the most reputable manufacturers.
  • Maintenance: Once your system is installed, we provide ongoing support to make sure it continues to work properly and is adjusted correctly.

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