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G & S Landscaping Tip #1 - Adding Spring Color With Maples!

Are you looking to add beautiful spring color to your landscape? Many of us think of Maple trees for our Fall color, but with the right selection they can add tons of pizazz to your landscape in the Spring time too! An added bonus? Unlike bulbs, there is no need to replant each year!

Here are a few gorgeous options for adding Spring color with Maples -



Acer dissectum ‘Inaba shidare’

 photo via - .pacificcoastmaples.comjapanese-maplesinaba-shidare-japanese-maple-trees.html



Acer palmatum ‘ Peaches and Cream’

photo via - gammonlandscapenursery.com



 Acer dissectum ‘Orangeola’

photo via - japanesemaplesandconifers.com



Acer palmatum ‘Shaina’

via - singtree.com


Information resource – Lawn & Landscape magazine

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